With the inauguration of the CAMPBELL UROLOGY CENTRE at Pallikaranai, Chennai in June 2018, a new chapter in urological care has begun. The centre is a realization of concerted efforts to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapy for kidney-related complaints under one roof. A speciality unit of V CURE HOSPITAL, it continues the twenty-two year tradition of a brand that upholds value, comfort and trust.

(Initiated as a modest 24-hour clinic at Medavakkam twenty-two years ago, V CURE HOSPITAL has now emerged as a premier multi-specialty centre, making quality and affordable healthcare accessible to patients. The vision of its Founder-Directors, Dr. V. Gopinath and Dr. R. Ganesh, has taken a fulfilling course with the inauguration of the CAMPBELL UROLOGY CENTRE in June 2018. Comprehensive urological care has now acquired a new destination.)

Campbell Urology Centre

Some of Our Patient Feedbacks

Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

Based on good feedback by my brother, I consulted Dr. Ganesh. He was very receptive and patient to listen to my problem. He explained the cause very well n suggested the best remedy. As my bro mentioned he doesn’t suggest unnecessary tests n treatments. I strongly recommend him

Arun Chennai
Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

I was visited for my health issue & checked all my reports & gave the right medicines. And also very friendly, co-operative & listens our problem completly. Apart from medicines, he is giving the self confidence which the patient requires more.

Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

Amazing doctor! So friendly and approachable that I would recommend everyone to him. He has been my doctor for more than 2.5 years and due to my condition,he has been always available, no matter what. He listens patiently and after a careful check up suggests the best course of action. He has never asked for unnecessary tests A big shout out to this outstanding doctor!

Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

I suspected I had semen related problem. Very good doctor. He didn’t give unnecessary medicines. Rather, he looked at test reports and concluded there is no problem exists and also gave the self confidence that I am completely healthy. He was very polite and patiently listening through out consultation.

Karthik Chennai
Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

The meeting with the doctor was really good. He gave a very patient hearing. He tried to find out the root cause of the problem and explained the medical background for such a problem. Finally, he prescribed the medicine. I feel this is the kind of approach all doctors must have.

Sivarama Krishnan Chennai
Campbell - Urology Hospital in Pallikaranai

He is very good in treating his patients in his own way. He advised and prescribes to cure the problem. No hidden secrets nor unnecessary medical examines. I was satisfied with this treatment and medication is underway. He advised to use pills for2 months, hope it heals and helps to get rid of the pain in my groin area.

Yuvaraj B.K Chennai